We're a technology driven web development company, but that's the easy part

In the San Francisco Bay Area, there are literally thousands of web developers to choose from.

Our Roots...

Steve grew up in New England, in small town Central Connecticut. Armed to the teeth with an expensive education in Computer Science, he arguably did the least or most sensible thing possible - Taking a role with a Fortune 500 consumer products company that had nothing to do with computer science. Ultimately, he replanted himself in Northern California and spent a number of years managing the west coast's largest retail and distribution customers for Stanley Black and Decker. Since then, he's worked with a smaller, tech oriented company, managing a sales team and their accounts in the Pacific Northwest. What started as a side project, building a small website for a friend, re-ignited a passion for design. Word of mouth and a handful of sites later, 4S Design Studios was created in October 2013 and has been growing exponentially since.

Our Vision...

In hindsight, the path taken to get to where we are today turned out to be a great series of moves. It gave this firm a great understanding of the complexities of a wide range of businesses, both large and small, from the eyes and leadership of someone whose mindset is tied to the customer, not the computer screen. Steve's spent the last 12 years advocating for the customer and is now able to continue to do so without the beauracracy of management whose dominant concern was the current stock price and who were often, simply out of touch with the small business owner.

What we're doing...

Of course we design on the lastest standards and optimize for mobile. We're a technology driven web development company, but that's the easy part. In the San Francisco Bay Area, there are literally thousands of web developers to choose from. We strive to differentiate ourselves by creating innovative content that helps small to medium businesses drive revenue and doesn't just look pretty in your browser (though we do that too). We've found that most of the developers out there are great at the design side or are good at the marketing side, but that there are very few that were both and catered to the small business customer. Our combination of real world marketing and sales experience with a equally dedicated design focus, leaves you with the best of both worlds. Maybe your website that looked great 10 years ago is starting to feel it's age. Dissappointed with your search engine rankings? Do you know if you are converting business from web traffic? We can help with that and we'd be just as happy to teach you how to understand your own analytics. Perhaps you're spending an advertising budget on outdated media or maybe you just need a better way to keep your site updated with fresh content. No matter what you're situation, we're friendly, easy to talk to, down to earth people and we'd love to discuss your business and the potential solutions we can provide.

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