Your site is only as good as it's content and your content is only as good as its ability to convert traffic to revenue

Inbound content marketing is creating content that your users want to digest and sharing that content in the places your users want to be. For many businesses, it is significantly more effective than traditional disruptive marketing, it's almost always more cost effective and the analytics allow us to show you specific, quantitative ROI.

What is "Inbound Content Marketing" and Why Does It Work?

At it's core, inbound marketing is about turning strangers into leads, leads into customers and customers into promoters of your business. It's done by creating fresh content that naturally attracts your ideal customer to you and then putting the pieces in place to convert that natural attraction into leads, sales and revenue. Done correctly, those new customers will naturally become promoters of your business. It's then measuring results, adjusting for effectiveness and internal intiatives and repeating the process - Building a constant funnel.

It works because you're creating a harmony between what you want to sell and where your customers want to be. You're organically drawing traffic from targeted potential customers and then unobtrusively guiding them through the buying process - Creating interest, building leads, nuturing leads into closed sales and then delighting that customer through follow-up so that they're eager to promote your business via social shares, word of mouth and beyond.

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Why We Love Inbound Marketing

It's ridiculously effective | Results:Cost

For an awful lot of businesses, inbound marketing is pound-for-pound the most cost effective form of marketing you can do. In a world where we use our DVR to fast forward through commercials, where our eyes naturally skip over ads on Google and other websites and where we're generally inundated with in-your-face marketing, fighting for attention from your customers through traditional outbound marketing requires an ever increasing budget to be successful and results are often foggy. Inbound on the other hand, can be done on a modest budget, it delivers customers organically, not disruptively, and the entire process can be tracked with detailed metrics.

Quantifiable Returns on Your Investment | Measurable

There's an initial ramp-up period with any inbound marketing campaign, but once the process is in place and the gears are turning, it becomes very clear quite quickly that it's either working or it's not. Advancements in web analytics and integrations between various platforms (Google, Social Channels, etc) means it's not a guessing game. We can track the potential customer's progress through each phase of the inbound marketing process all the way down to register rings and invoices, allowing us to show you a relatively exact ROI for our work.

It's Extremely Targeted | Driving Quality Traffic

Marketing campaigns tend to always be a numbers game, but the beauty of inbound is it gives us the ability to target very specific traffic through the use of buyer personas, keyword research, contact list segmentation and social channel demographic targeting options. Want to target women between the age of 18 and 35? No problem. Want to target owners of construction companies across the country? Done. Want to target customers that have purchased from you in the past? Of course. The idea is to drive quality traffic from users that are natural customers of your business instead of large quantities of useless traffic.

Building Content Means Building Assets | Long-term Benefits

When we build content, we optimize that content for search engines based on extensive keyword research that will help drive targeted traffic to the site. We'll promote that content though email, social channels and otherwise and then test the results. However, that doesn't mean that content goes away after we've promoted it. That content becomes an SEO asset for your site and your business for months and years to come. In other words, you'll continue to see the benefit of that content via organic search results for as long as the content stays on your site.

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