Case Study

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing

Client: Koru Pacific Packaging

Koru Pacific Packaging Logo

The Company

In the food packaging and processing space, size matters.  Koru Pacific is an organic certified packaging company based in California’s Central Valley. They help companies small & large take everything from pancake mix to chewable veterinary supplements (and a whole lot in between) and put those products into a wide range of different packaging: bottles, jars, pouches, bags, cans & more.

You guys did such an amazing job. We were looking at a few different ways to allocate our marketing budget and we clearly made the right choice. Thank you.

Kerri SanfordPresident - Koru Pacific Packaging

The Challenge

When the Koru team approached ours, we were charged with helping them position themselves in the domestic market as THE organic copacker who perfectly fit a “not-too-big/not-too-small” target audience. And then, we needed to identify where the short-term and long-term opportunities were to reach that audience in a way that would drive new client leads and help them grow their business.

The good news is, the folks at Koru Pacific are this amazing group of New Zealand-born packaging experts who have a great facility and legitimately are a perfect fit for their target audience. The bad news is, all they had in place to tell this story was a 5-year old, DIY website with really thin content and a few cell phone quality product shots.

What We Started With

Before picture of an outdated packaging website

Completely Reimagined

How We Got There


Their original logo was a DIY version that was effectively a copy & paste logomark over a Copperplate font. Since we didn’t have hi-res version or any of the original design files, we opted to rework the logo to a more modern, professional look that would give us a lot more flexibility moving forward.

We also found that while we had a large selection of finished products that we could photograph, the differences in branding between their clients was creating a lack of continuity across their packaging categories. Our solution was to develop our own Koru Organics brand that we’d use on composite packaging mockups throughout the site.

Photography & Video

We ran a couple rounds of photography – one focused on stills of their facility including some texture shots and a second focused on video of the production process. These provided some foudnational visuals during the site design and would provide a library of assets to revert back to once additional content and social media initiatives got under way.

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