Fat Maddies | They Literally Own the Farm

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Maddie is the Stefanos family goat. They own a piece of property at the base of Mount Diablo where they raise chickens, grow herbs and vegatables and then use it all at the family restaurant. We loved working on this project because it reminded us that sometimes you just gotta get back to basics.

I don't know that we were necessarily trying to complicate it, but the more we looked at fancy transitions and other effects, it just didn't fit. We let the images and the food speak for itself. We took some on-site photography of a few plates, a few backgrounds and it came together organically - Just like their eggs.

Fat Maddies website mockup

jack thomas mockup jack thomas mockup

4SDesignStudio's Role

  • Initial wireframes and design mockups with multiple revision rounds
  • Onsite, web-focused photography with significant post-production work in the Adobe Suite and NIK Collection
  • A number of custom graphics and illustrations to compliment and help visualize their written content
  • Hand-coded in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP on a mobile-friendly, responsive framework
  • Full content management system (CMS) integration with training and documentation for their admin team to easily make menu updates and more.
  • Custom developed ordering platform for their catering business

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