KURE | A Boutique Day Spa in Affluent Danville

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We love taking on projects where we are consumers of the company we'll be working with. KURE Wellness Retreat in Danville, CA is exactly one of those projects. Debbie Lindsay is an exceptional massage therapist and has created the most charming, peaceful atmosphere to enjoy letting her do her thing.

After moving from the heart of Danville, and opening up a brand new space in The Village, there were a few goals for KURE. First, modernize the look and feel of the site. The old site had served it's purpose, but had been growing increasingly tired. The second was to help modernize the business as a whole - Helping them implement a digital schedule management platform and then integrating that platform with the new site. In addition to better organizing the KURE staff, it also allows clients to book appointments directly online. Finally, we also added an eCommerce component - Giving clients the ability to purchase physical gift packages and digital gift cards securely through the site.

el nido website mockup el nido website mockup

KURE Appointment Online
KURE Appointment Online KURE Appointment Online KURE Appointment Online

4SDesignStudio's Role

  • Initial wireframes and design mockups with multiple revision rounds
  • Significant post-production work on existing image assets in the Adobe Suite and NIK Collection
  • Custom icons and other accent collateral throughout the site
  • Hand-coded build out in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP on a mobile-friendly, Bootstrap framework
  • Full content management system (CMS) integration with training and documentation for their admin team to easily make pricing and other content updates.
  • Custom integration with the Shedul platform - Acting as a front-end appointment booking option for clients and a full back-end solution for KURE staff to manage everything from schedules, commissions, taxes, inventory and more

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