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Meet Doc. Doc is a Vietnam vet who's spent decades fishing the waters of Upstate New York. He's the type of guy that gives apple pie a run for its money when it comes to being an American.

Doc runs a fishing guide service and what started as chit chat with other guides in the area has turned into a full-blown network of guides throughout the country who offer no-charge outdoor excursions to our country's veterans.

We were connected through a mutual friend and offered to help Doc transition from a dated site built on a Vistaprint site-builder platform and give him something that was manageable for his guys and attractive and user friendly for veterans and guides alike. It was the least we could do.

Volunteer Guides for Veterans website mockup Volunteer Guides for Veterans logo
jack thomas mockup
jack thomas mockup

4SDesignStudio's Role

  • Design mockups with multiple revision rounds
  • Custom developed logo artwork
  • A number of custom graphics to compliment and help visualize their written content
  • Hand-coded in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP on a mobile-friendly, responsive framework
  • Full content management system (CMS) integration with training and documentation for their admin team to easily make menu updates and more.
  • Custom developed, user-filterable database of participating guides. The user simply chooses which activities they're interested in and where they're located
  • Developed a guide registration form to automate the process of adding guides to the network and make adminstering the program as a whole much easier for Doc and his team

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